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A LLESA Networking Group
Welcome New LLNL Retiree!

Retirement offers a new set of challenges to each of us. One of the things you will find is that you can take all the time you wish to do something and not worry about meeting some schedule. You will also find that there is a whole world of new things to try and to take an interest in. One way to enter this new world is to meet and enjoy the company of other retirees. They can help you get over the few rough spots and lead to new friendships. Joining the LLNL Retirees is a very useful way to accomplish this.

We are a "Networking Group" under the Livermore Laboratory Employee Services Association (LLESA). As a member of the LLNL Retirees, you can continue to enjoy all of the privileges and activities that LLESA has to offer. We are the largest LLESA group with more than 420 members in our organization, most of whom live within 20-30 miles of Livermore. (This number increases to over 800 when spouses, who are welcome members, are included.) Activities include:

  • Luncheons with a speaker on the second Tuesday of each month except June and December. Speaker topics are of current interest, often about the Lab or related issues.
  • A picnic each June.
  • Community Service projects; e.g. support to the quarterly LLNL Blood Drive, clean-up of the Arroyo Mocho hiking and bicycle path in Livermore, and the opportunity to volunteer for other worthwhile activities.
As a service to all LLNL retirees, some of us are on the UC Council of University of California Retiree Associations (CUCRA). Through this organization we join all UC retirees in working with the University on issues of interest to us.

For the very latest information on all these activities and new ones, check our Web site. And you can apply for membership in the Retirees Association on-line as well. Simply follow instructions under the link, "Join LLNL Retirees."

We invite you to join us and share in the many great times we have. Join a great bunch of people in what, we hope, will be some of the happiest years of your life.


  Jeff Garberson, Chair
LLNL Retirees

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